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NBC4 Investigates: Why Does Ohio Owe Businesses $1 Billion?

NBC4 INVESTIGATES: WHY DOES OHIO OWE BUSINESSES $1 BILLION NBC Channel 4 picks up on the class action we filed several years ago.  BWC charged excessive workers' compensation premium rates to non-group rated employers. Attorney Stuart Garson learned that these practices were seriously impacting small business owners and in some cases bankrupting small businesses.  Attorney Garson […]


Stryker Hip Recall for Rejuvenate and ABG II

STRYKER HIP RECALL FOR REJUVENATE AND ABG II In July 2012 , Stryker announced the hip recall for Rejuvenate and ABG II.  Patients experience pain, swelling and adverse local tissue reactions which makes device removal a requirement.  Surgery to remove the device is called a revision and can be very complicated.    Even if you are not […]


Injured Workers Rights in Ohio

Injured Workers Rights in Ohio Ohio has a unique workers compensation system.  While many states have a private workers comp insurance program, Ohio has a state funded system.    The BWC has posted a list of injured workers rights on the website.  For easy access, we've posted the list for you. ​As an injured worker in Ohio, […]


Ohio Supreme Court Denied Payment of TT Due to Voluntary Abandonment of Employment

Ohio Supreme Court Denied Payment of TT Due to Voluntary Abandonment of Employment Ohio Supreme alert!  A recent decision by the Ohio Supreme Court denied the payment of temporary total disability due to a voluntary abandonment of employment.  The injured employee returned to work light duty. Within an hour the employee determined she could not […]


What is a fast track settlement?

WHAT IS A FAST TRACK SETTLEMENT Fast track settlements are no longer part of the Ohio BWC settlement process.  In 2007-2009, the BWC tried to close out as many claims as possible and diminish the number of claims they held.  BWC had fast track programs that allowed attorneys to call the Bureau and settle 5 […]


Hip Implant – Why Do I Need A Revision?

HIP IMPLANT – WHY DO I NEED A REVISION? Joint replacement implants will typically last for 10 – 20 years.  However, hip implants have become a major problem for many Americans.  Patients can suffer serious complications like metallosis, dislocation and infection.  These complications may necessitate a revision surgery.  The revision joint replacement surgery is more […]


Workers Comp Settlement – Time Limit Is Only 5 Years

WORKERS COMP SETTLEMENT – TIME LIMIT IS ONLY 5 YEARS In 2006, the statue of limitations or the time limit to settle a claim was changed from 10 years to 5 years. This is EXTREMELY important for you to understand and talk to your attorney today. The clock begins ticking after the last date of […]


Occupational Diseases – Get The Facts

OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES – GET THE FACTS Asbestosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, lead poisening.  What do they have in common?  They are occupational diseases.  This is not a complete list, but you get the idea. What is an Occupational Disease?  An Occupational Disease is a disease or chronic ailment resulting from exposure to conditions or substances that are […]


13 Businesses In Four Buildings Affected By Fire In Garrettsville, OH

13 BUSINESSES IN FOUR BUILDINGS AFFECTED BY FIRE IN GARRETTSVILLE, OH A devastating fire broke out on Saturday afternoon impacting many businesses in downtown Garrettsville, Ohio.  The old buildings may have caused the fire to spread more rapidly.  The buildings were made of wood and built in the 1800's before fire codes and safety precautions. […]


What to do if my Workers Comp Claim was Denied.

What to do if my Workers Comp Claim was Denied. So you've filed a FROI (First Report of Injury) with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, but your claim has been denied.  Why was your claim disallowed? (That is the terminology used by the BWC.)  A claim can be disallowed for many different reasons.  It […]


Injured Workers Receiving Wage Loss- Goodwill Job Fair

Injured Workers Receiving Wage Loss- Goodwill Job Fair Injured workers seeking or receiving wage loss compensation may want to consider attending a job fair offered by Goodwill Industries on March 27th. Here's a web link for details: If you attend the job fair, then prepare a written narrative of your experience as well as a […]


James DeRoche- Recognized for excellence by his peers in the Cleveland Magazine

James DeRoche- Recognized for excellence by his peers in the Cleveland Magazine Congratulations to Jim Deroche for being recognized as a Top Attorney in Cleveland and Columbus in the area of Business Litigation.  He is recognized for his excellence by his peers in the legal community.  This exceptional lawyer has impressive records of professional achievement […]

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