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If your home or business has been involved in a fire, it is reasonable that you would look to your insurance company to provide you with monetary benefits. Depending on what is outlined in your policy, you may be eligible for compensation for the destruction of property as well as other assets that were destroyed by a fire. If your fire loss claim was unfairly denied, however, that denial can subject you to greater financial losses.

At the law firm of Garson Johnson LLC, in Cleveland, Ohio, our firm works with individuals and businesses that have filed fire loss claims but have not received the proper amount of benefits from their insurance companies in a timely fashion. Fire loss claims may require significant documentation, and unfortunately, many insurance companies will look for any reason to reduce or deny a claim.

If you have questions about how to file a fire loss claim, or if you wish to know your options in bad faith insurance claims, contact our firm by calling toll free at (216) 696-9330.

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Many fire insurance policies do not require any specific type of documentation. Despite this, insurance companies may still refuse to pay claims on the basis of inadequate documentation or may delay payment while you gather that documentation.

If you have a fire loss claim, it is in your best interest to gather as many receipts, photos and other evidence as possible that can help to show what was in your house and what level of payments you should expect to receive from your insurance company.

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Dealing with a fire insurance claim can be difficult, especially when the insurance company is not acting in your best interest. We invite you to contact our firm either via e-mail or via phone at 216-696-9330.

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