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In the world of investment, stockbrokers and financial advisors are always expected to put the interests of their clients first. They are held to a high standard of integrity and are expected to present the full truth in every situation. When a stockbroker's purposeful misrepresentation or omission of information causes a significant investment loss, they may be held liable for their conduct.

For more than 30 years, attorneys at Garson Johnson LLC, in Cleveland, Ohio, have successfully represented investors who suffered serious financial investment losses as a result of a stockbroker's purposeful misrepresentation or omission of facts. This type of misconduct represents a serious breach of fiduciary duty, leaving financial advisors and their employers subject to legal action.

Our firm typically handles cases involving stockbroker misrepresentation or omission on a contingent fee basis. This means you will not be held responsible for attorney fees unless we successfully recover a settlement or judgment on your behalf.* Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer.

What is stockbroker misrepresentation?

Misrepresentation occurs when a broker or investment advisor intentionally misleads the customer and/or fails to disclose a material fact about an investment that would have affected the customer's decision. It is not uncommon for stockbroker misrepresentation claims to be handled via arbitration.

In arbitration, the hearing panel may consider the customer's investment experience, risk tolerance, sophistication, objectives, age and financial well-being in deciding whether the customer was misled. Our lawyers will carefully evaluate your broker or investment counselor's statements for illegal misrepresentations or omissions.

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Unfortunately, it is all too easy to put your trust in an unscrupulous investment professional. Our firm is prepared to seek justice for clients throughout Ohio, and across the United States. Please call 216-696-9330, or e-mail our office with any questions or to arrange a free consultation.

*Typically our Cleveland law firm charges no attorney fees for business litigation services unless our clients benefit from those services through a successful settlement or verdict. However clients are responsible for expenses related to litigation.


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