11 Steps You Must Follow After a Car Accident

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If you have been involved in a motor vehicle or car accident, take a few minutes to review and take action:

1.  STOP IN A SAFE PLACE.  If possible, stop in a safe place. While it could be important to refrain from moving your vehicle, consider the risk to yourself and other drivers if your vehicle stayed where it stopped when it came to rest following the collision.

2.  CHECK FOR INJURIES.  Make sure no one is hurt. The safety and well being of the people involved is always the most important concern. If you are able and if it is necessary to render immediate aid, act calmly and appropriately.

3.  CALL FOR HELP.  Call 911 and request the police come to the scene along with an ambulance if necessary.

4.  EXCHANGE INFORMATION.  Get the other driver's basic information including name, address, phone number, insurance information and vehicle registration number.

5.  REQUEST A DRUNK DRIVING TEST IF WARRENTED.  If you believe that the other driver is intoxicated, tell the police officer and request that the officer administer a sobriety test.

6.  ASK FOR CONTACT INFO OF WITNESSES.  Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses who saw the accident or stopped to administer aid.

7.  GET COPY OF POLICE REPORT.  Ask the police officer for the police report number, and where and when a copy will be available.

8.  GO TO EMERGENCY ROOM.  Seek immediate medical treatment for any injuries regardless of how minor or trivial they may seem at the scene. This might require a visit to a hospital emergency room or a visit to your family doctor within a day or two after the accident.

9.  USE YOUR PHONE AND TAKE PICTURES.  Take photos of the vehicles involved in the collision as well as physical evidence including skid marks. It is best to take photos before the vehicles have moved. A cell phone camera could accomplish this. If this is not possible photos may be taken after that day or the following day.

10. STOP TALKING.  Do not speak with or provide any information to anyone other than the police before you speak to any attorney. You must know your basic rights before talking to an insurance company even if it is your own company. Any statement or admission that you make could be used against you in court. Tell the insurance company representative to call your lawyer.

11.   CALL GARSON JOHNSON AT (216) 696-9330.  Contact the attorneys at Garson Johnson promptly after your motor vehicle accident. We want to help and will discuss your rights with you free of charge. Many motor vehicle accidents involve technical issues including traffic violations, safety requirements, and insurance coverage. We are experienced trial lawyers familiar with these issues and will discuss them with you thoroughly.

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