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Contracts are an essential component of the day-to-day operations of any business. As a business person, you have more than likely established contracts with multiple vendors and service providers. You place your trust in these companies, depending on them to follow through with their contractual obligations. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a breach of contract issue to arise, leaving you with pressing financial concerns. Breach of contract essentially refers to the failure to fulfill the terms of a legally binding agreement. If you have suffered a serious financial loss as a result of an individual's or a business's failure to perform an agreed-upon service, provide agreed-upon goods, or pay for goods and services you have provided, you may be entitled to damages.

Achieving successful outcomes for more than 30 years

At Garson Johnson LLC, in Cleveland, Ohio, our business litigation attorneys have successfully recovered damages for clients in a variety of breach of contract cases.* If you would like one of our lawyers to review your contract dispute claim, please contact our offices to arrange a free consultation. We typically provide representation for a breach of contract claim on a contingency basis**, meaning you will not be responsible for attorney fees unless we are successful in recovering a settlement or judgment.

Handling all types of contractual disputes

Our attorneys handle most breach of contract lawsuits, including those resolved through arbitration and those resolved in Ohio state and federal courts. They are prepared to handle a wide variety of claims on behalf of individuals and businesses, including:

  • Intellectual property agreements
  • Exclusive supply agreements
  • Real estate purchases
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Mortgage financing
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Sales commissions
  • Sales of businesses
  • Retirement benefits
  • Insurance coverage

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Has your client suffered a serious loss as a result of breach of contract? We may be able to help. Our business litigation practice welcomes referrals from attorneys and accountants.

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We are committed to leveling the playing field by providing exceptional representation in the resolution of contract disputes. Please call 216-696-9330, or e-mail our office with any questions or to arrange a free consultation. *Results may vary. **Typically our Cleveland law firm charges no attorney fees for business litigation services unless our clients benefit from those services through a successful settlement or verdict. However clients are responsible for expenses related to litigation.

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