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General contractor sued for sub-contractor's faulty work. Insurance coverage may be available.

General contractor sued for sub-contractor's faulty work. Insurance coverage may be available. The Standard Commercial General Liability Policy might actually provide coverage to general contractors sued for faulty workmanship, so long as a subcontractor is at fault. By James A. DeRoche GENERAL CONTRACTOR SUED AFTER CONSTRUCTION COMPLETED General contractors are often sued by property owners […]


Property Value for Bankruptcy Vs. Property Value for Insurance Claim

"You can't have it both ways." Valuation of insured property in bankruptcy petition used against insured when that same property is later damaged By Jim DeRoche Property Value for Bankruptcy Petition In 2011, John and Kathleen Brown filed a petition seeking protection under the bankruptcy laws. The price for seeking such protection is full disclosure […]


Important to Obtain Home Court Advantage In Litigation

Important to Obtain Home Court Advantage In Litigation Many businesses offer their goods and services in far flung locales, often on a nationwide basis. That raises the specter of disputes ending up in courts far from the home office, in jurisdictions where your normal outside counsel may be unable to practice. Litigating a case in a foreign […]


Case of Truckers Suing Pilot Flying J Ordered to Mediation

Case of Truckers Suing Pilot Flying J Ordered to Mediation Some trucking firms opted out of a class action against Pilot Flying J last year.  In November 2013, a federal judged approved a $84.9 million settlement.  The claimants that opted out have now been ordered to mediation.  The cases were consolidated in federal court in Kentucky. […]


Small Businesses Rally To BWC, Kasich: Pay Us Back

SMALL BUSINESSES RALLY TO BWC, KASICH: PAY US BACK Ohio small business owners rallied around the Bureau of Workers' Compensation office this week asking to be paid back.  Over 270,000 businesses were overcharged.  The Ohio BWC has the money set aside, but they are currently deciding if they should pay it back or appeal to the […]


Editorial Board on Replays the Ohio BWC Class Action and Says "The ADMINISTRATION should settle."

Editorial Board on Replays the Ohio BWC Class Action and Says "The ADMINISTRATION should settle." Last week on, the Editorial Board posted a recap of the Ohio BWC Class Action, group ratings, and the Appellate Court's decision to affirm the decision to pay back Ohio's small businesses. The article succinctly described the arguments and […]


Media Picks Up On BWC Group Rating Class Action Litigation

MEDIA PICKS UP ON BWC GROUP RATING CLASS ACTION LITIGATION Over the last few weeks, many newspapers and news websites have picked up this story.  This demonstrates just how VERY important the resolution of the class action is to Ohio.  The Ohio BWC Class action filing and documents can be found on our website at /ohio-bwc-class-action. […]


Small Business Members of NFIB, Ohio Chamber, Cose and OMA Owed More Than $73 Million in Ohio BWC Class Action

SMALL BUSINESS MEMBERS OF NFIB, OHIO CHAMBER, COSE AND OMA OWED MORE THAN $73 MILLION IN OHIO BWC CLASS ACTION The small business members of the National Federation of Independent Business, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, COSE and Ohio Manufacturers' Association are owed more than $73 Million in Ohio BWC Class Action. If you are a member […]


Head of BWC Talks About Allegations Into Overcharging of Small Businesses

HEAD OF BWC TALK ABOUT ALLEGATIONS INTO OVERCHARGING OF SMALL BUSINESSES And the hits just keep on playing… On May 21, 2014, Stephen Buehrer, head of the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation was interviewed by NBC Channel 4 journalist, Duane Pohlman.   Ohio employers were intently watching and expecting some answers.  Why did the Ohio BWC overcharge […]


NBC4 Investigates: Why Does Ohio Owe Businesses $1 Billion?

NBC4 INVESTIGATES: WHY DOES OHIO OWE BUSINESSES $1 BILLION NBC Channel 4 picks up on the class action we filed several years ago.  BWC charged excessive workers' compensation premium rates to non-group rated employers. Attorney Stuart Garson learned that these practices were seriously impacting small business owners and in some cases bankrupting small businesses.  Attorney Garson […]


13 Businesses In Four Buildings Affected By Fire In Garrettsville, OH

13 BUSINESSES IN FOUR BUILDINGS AFFECTED BY FIRE IN GARRETTSVILLE, OH A devastating fire broke out on Saturday afternoon impacting many businesses in downtown Garrettsville, Ohio.  The old buildings may have caused the fire to spread more rapidly.  The buildings were made of wood and built in the 1800's before fire codes and safety precautions. […]

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