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Protecting the Rights of Ohio Professional Athletes and Workers: A Battle for Workers' Compensation

Earlier this year, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) is pushing back against an alleged attempt by the owner of the Cincinnati Bengals to terminate Ohio workers’ compensation for professional athletes. This development not only concerns NFL players but has broader implications for all Ohio workers who rely on these benefits.

As the OFFICIAL workers’ compensation attorney for Ohio Professional Athletes, we stand with the players and the NFLPA to ensure the rights of Ohio workers.

The Challenge:

The core issue revolves around the attempt to cut off access to workers’ compensation benefits for professional athletes in Ohio. These benefits are essential for providing financial support and medical care to injured workers, including athletes who put their bodies on the line in physically demanding careers.

The NFLPA’s Stand:

The NFLPA is actively advocating to preserve the rights of professional athletes in Ohio to receive workers’ compensation. They argue that these benefits are a fundamental aspect of workers’ protection, regardless of the profession. This stance aligns with the broader principle that all workers, regardless of their job, should be entitled to these protections.

Implications for All Ohio Workers:

The outcome of this battle has far-reaching implications for all Ohio workers. If professional athletes were to lose access to workers’ compensation, it could set a precedent that affects the rights of workers in other industries. This case highlights the importance of protecting these benefits for the welfare of Ohio’s workforce.

The fight to protect the rights of professional athletes and all Ohio workers to receive workers’ compensation is an important battle that we must pay attention to. As an attorney dedicated to workers’ rights, Garson Johnson attorneys stay in front of new developments in the law not only for Ohio

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