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Not All Workers Comp Attorneys Are Created Equal

PictureActually, not many have the skills and abilities of Garson Johnson workers’ comp lawyers.  One injured worker was receiving permanent and total disability.  PTD is a type of disability that would pay him for the rest of his life, but denied him the ability to have gainful employment or a business of his own.  The injured worker had dreams.  Despite living with a severe disability, he wanted to invest in a business.  His previous attorney was unable to settle his Ohio workers comp claim for a fair value that would give him the freedom to invest in his dream. 

That is when he turned to Jeff Johnson at Garson Johnson.  After thoroughly investigating his claim history, injury and current benefits, Jeff discovered the injured worker qualified for statutory PTD. Statutory permanent and total disability is awarded when a worker loses the use of 2 or more body parts. Because of the date of the injury, Jeff Johnson knew the Thomas Decision applied.  This decision considered the loss of an arm to actually be the lose of use of 2 body parts- the arm and the hand. This type of disability does not restrict an injured worker from future work opportunities.

Attorney Jeff Johnson successfully obtained statutory PTD giving the client a steady income without restricting his ability to work.  Garson Johnson also identified a separate car accident claim that settled to give the client extra money to invest in the business.  The satisfied Garson Johnson client did not get exactly what he was seeking- a settled workers comp case.  He did, however, accomplish his ultimate goal to go back to school AND invest in his new business.  We love winning.

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Thanks to the hard working men and women of Ohio for allowing us to serve you. The workers comp system is very challenging. By no choice of their own, workers find themselves injured, off work, and desperate for answers and treatment. We are honored to focus on our clients not just their legal case. The best complement we receive is a referral from existing clients. The second best is their words of thanks and appreciation.

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