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Ohio Injured workers guide to medical treatment – Ohio BWC

Are you trying to get medical treatment approved through the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation?

If you have a claim with the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, you probably already know this is a complex and often confusing system. When you get injured at work, often times the workplace injuries will require treatment. It should be as simple as getting to the doctor and getting the treatment, right? Well, it's not always that easy.

Here are steps to getting treatment approved through the Ohio BWC system for state-funded cases:
(Hopefully, you will be successful with step 1! If not, read more to get the scoop.)

STEP 1: Your Physician of Record (POR) completes a C-9 form and submits it to your employer's Managed Care Organization (MCO).
-If the MCO approves it, congratulation! You can begin treatment!*

STEP 2: If the MCO denies the C-9, your physician or attorney must appeal the denial within 14 days to the Ohio BWC.
-If the BWC approves it, congratulations! You can begin treatment!*

STEP 3: If the BWC denies it, your attorney will appeal to the Industrial Commission for a hearing in front of a District Hearing Officer. (DHO) Don't be intimidated about the actual hearing.
-If the DHO approves the treatment for your workplace injury, congratulations! You can begin treatment!*

STEP 4: If the DHO at Ohio's Industrial Commission denies the recommended medical treatment at a hearing, your attorney will appeal again. This time you will be referred to a Staff Hearing Officer (SHO) at the Industrial Commission. This hearing is much like the hearing at the DHO level.
-If the SHO approves it, congratulations! You can begin treatment!*

STEP 5: If the SHO denies the medial treatment for your workers' comp injury, call your attorney, schedule a phone consult or in office consultation, and discuss the next steps for your claim. Experienced workers' comp attorneys will be able to work with your physician and guide you on the best possible actions moving forward.

When dealing with the Ohio BWC, you are much better positioned and prepared if you have an experienced, strategic and compassionate lawyer on your side.  Contact us at Garson Johnson LLC with any questions about your workers comp medical treatment.

*Side Note! Your employer can appeal any approval of treatment during steps 1-3. If this happens, rely on your attorney to help you!

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