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Ohio employers pay less but are Ohio injured workers getting what they need?

Article II Section 35 of the Ohio Constitution ;  "For the purpose of providing compensation to workers and their dependents … laws may be passed establishing a state fund."  This is why the injured worker fund is called the Workers' Compensation System and not the Employers' Compensation System. Recently the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) announced a reduction in employers' premiums of $113 Million dollars. When combined with other premium reductions going back to 2011 employers' premiums have been reduced by over 28%.

Ohio employers get reduction in workers' compensation premiums_

It's important to note this situation if and when you hear the BWC, business trade group representatives or elected officials suggest that injured worker benefits need to be reduced because the injured worker fund is running out of money. This would be a gross misrepresentation of the facts that needs to be refuted when it is raised. There is actually a compelling argument to be made that injured workers should receive an increase in their compensation and medical benefits since the BWC has instituted these significant premium rate reductions.

Where is the money coming from that allows the BWC to substantially lower employer premiums? There are a number of economic circumstances responsible for this situation, but chief among them is that the system is an adversarial one. Claims that should be summarily approved are fought by the BWC and employers alike. Many of you who have had your workers' compensation claims contested know first-hand how difficult it can be to navigate the BWC system successfully.

Garson Johnson LLC  is willing to review your situation free of charge to explain the complicated aspects of the BWC system and various benefits to which you may be entitled regarding your claim. If your injury is serious enough that you 1) seek ongoing medical treatment or; 2) lose time from work or; 3) have an ongoing concern about future treatment or lost time then you probably will benefit from a review of your claim. Unlike wine, a workers' compensation claim does not get better over time if it is ignored.

By Stuart Garson.  Partner | Attorney

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